Big Changes Underway

Here is a list of what is happening and why I believe this is going to be good for precious metals and our junior mining shares.

(1) The Santa Rally in the general stock market has nothing to do with fundamentals or technicals. It has everything to do with derivative options that have now expired or soon will expire. The first round expired on December 15th, and the remaining derivatives will expire on January 12, 2024. As time moves forward in these derivative contracts they decay, and when they decay, the dealers can push money into the market creating lift. That lift is now expiring and will be no longer exist as of January 12. Once the lift is gone, WATCHOUT, the party ends.

If you look closely, there is a lot of deterioration in the general market indexes. Within the S&P 500, 7 stocks are carrying the gains while 493 stocks are pretty much flat for the year. The general stock market will get clobbered after the January 12 expiration of these derivatives. The tide came in for Christmas, but the tide is clearly going out after January 12 in the general stock markets.

(2) In 2023 we can see the PTSB have been systematically blowing up asset values – earlier in the year it first blew up the bond market, then it blew up natural gas, then oil, then of late Bitcoin, and precious metals – this is all by design.

(3) Precious metals will respond in a big way towards…

This is an excerpt from the December 23, 2023 TMS Hotline
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