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Mr. McCoach's premium newsletter service Insider Alert grants just 300 select member's access to his prestigious portfolio of early stage stocks that become the basis for his recommendations.

Insider Alert members get first dibs on any private placement opportunities in companies Greg is recommending. They also interact with Mr. McCoach via email, personal phone calls twice a year, and a quarterly conference call where subscribers can ask questions or just listen in to the conversation.

Not only are these the stocks that pull in higher gains than you'll find in The Mining Speculator, they're also the plays safe enough for Greg to trust with his own money.

You're not only investing in the same explosive stocks that Greg personally uses to develop his own wealth; you're also a part of a very elite group of investors – a group that takes hold of companies on the ground floor and watches them launch skyward.

In Greg McCoach's Insider Alert, we're holding only the stocks that Greg McCoach invests in himself: blockbuster companies that could potentially launch several thousand percent.

How does Greg find consistent winners in these turbulent times of mortgage meltdowns and the crashing dollar?

He searches for opportunities to protect against the financial uncertainties that currently engulf U.S. and world markets. Because as the saying goes, "Periods of danger and crisis are also periods of great opportunity."

We believe the best opportunities for investors to protect themselves against the coming financial reckoning exist with precious metals and mining stocks... the very ones Greg holds in his own portfolio.

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Greg standing next to the tires of the huge hauling trucks at Barrick Gold's Pipeline Gold Mine in Nevada.

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     "When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the mining stocks to pay off my house.  I didn’t really believe you.  Two and half years later I wrote a check to do just that.  I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance."

– Robert (Indiana) 

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