Strategy for Maximizing Our Upside Moving Forward

Given my recent comments of reducing the overall number of companies I cover in the newsletter(s) or own personally, I wanted to share with everyone how I think we should move forward.

Again, just to quickly review, taking the shotgun approach of buying a larger amount of stocks and hoping we have a couple of high flyers in the bunch is no longer working for us like it once did. The junior mining market model is broken based on increased regulatory issues, higher annual costs, and the ongoing, long-term bear markets that leave exploration companies without the ability to raise funds and get the needed drilling done in a timely matter.

I absolutely believe the bull will roar again, but I believe we should now position ourselves to build bigger positions in fewer companies to maximize profits and minimize losses.

With this is mind, I have developed my own personal strategy that I am now going to implement and share with TMS subscribers as I leave for the MIF and PDAC conferences in Toronto.

My thinking and reasoning for doing so is as follows:

First, all of the companies on “The Right Stocks for the Rebound” report remain intact and will be updated until I issue the sell signal on each and every company. Second, investors need to understand where they fit within the companies I have on our recommended lists.

This is an excerpt from the Feb. 28, 2024 TMS Hotline
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