There is an unusual high potential opportunity in the market today.

I would like to show you why I consider this one of the most incredible speculations with relatively low risk in my career.

Lately, I've been pounding the table to get investors to buy before it's too late.

These types of opportunities don't happen very often, but right now we are on the cusp of an explosive run that has only happened TWICE in recent history.

Each time some of the companies behind it surged to amazing heights of 10x, 100x, or more in some rare cases.

The sector I am talking about generates some the safest, cleanest, and cheapest power available – anywhere in the world.

The last time this happened, I remember talking to those who made huge sums of money in this sector because they understood what most investors didn't.

I studied why this happened and what brought the market to such an amazing set of circumstances, and I've been waiting ever since for such an opportunity to arrive again.

Well, the waiting is over!

Circumstances have aligned once again for this amazing run to take place. Smart investors are taking positions now while the shares are still cheap.

In my career, the only other stocks that cyclically show this sort of explosive upside potential are gold and silver explorers that I have written about in my newsletter, The Mining Speculator for that last 17 years.

But my research shows, thanks to the new Trump administration, a third boom in this energy source has finally begun...

And this may be the biggest opportunity in 2017 and beyond. As usual, just a small portion of investors are paying any attention.

So, if you are reading this, your timing could be spot on.

Last time the market ran like this, a $10,000 investment could have made you $500,000 or more.

Can it happen again?

While there are no guarantees in life, it certainly looks possible.

But both your timing to act and the choice of companies is critical.

That's why I laid the groundwork for you to take advantage of this unique set of circumstances with my latest report on which companies to own now.

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     "When I first met you, you told me I could use the profits I would make in the mining stocks to pay off my house.  I didn’t really believe you.  Two and half years later I wrote a check to do just that.  I never thought this would be possible. Thank you so much for your wise guidance."

– Robert (Indiana) 

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