They Own It All

While you may think you own the stocks in your brokerage or retirement accounts, let alone the money in your bank account, if you read the fine print, you are only a BENEFICIAL OWNER.  Yes that is right, it appears you have beneficial ownership until the moment they decide it’s time to take everything by law, laws that have been changed without our knowing it.

It is a very frightening thought, and I wish it wasn’t true.

It was such a shock to me when I first found out and realized this was such toxic information very few could even fathom any of this; so I deliberately only had such conversations with individuals who asked the right questions.  At the time, I thought it better not to rock the boat with such information as the timing for what they were planning was clearly in the longer-term future.

But, now that things are getting very close, and they have made GOLD a TIER ONE ASSET in the financial system last year, it is very clear to me the PTSB (the Powers That Shouldn’t Be) are getting ready to make their move.  Being forewarned is being forearmed as Richard Maybury likes to say.

People keep asking me when I think this is going to happen, and again, like I always say, I don’t have a crystal ball.  But, considering the dollar based system being on its last legs with the rapid reduction of those still willing to buy oil in U.S. dollars and nobody showing up at the U.S. T-Bill auctions, it can’t be too far away.

When you realize that the U.S. Congressional Budget Office stated in January of this year that by 2031, the entire tax revenue of the U.S. government will be needed just to pay the interest on our debt, you know the game is almost over.

In my view, we won’t get anywhere near the year 2031 before this all blows up.  My guess is sometime next year in 2025/2026 timeframe when it appears so many troubling things are converging very quickly.

…. It also appears to me that the yellow metal is finally getting ready to run as we keep testing the $2,200 level and warehouse inventories are being depleted.  In addition, we keep hearing there will be some sort of GOLD backing behind the digital currency, thus the reason the central banks are buying physical in very big quantities.  This should bode well in the near future for our precious metals junior mining shares that I list below in the Company Update section.

This is an excerpt from the April, 2024 TMS Newsletter
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